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Re: Have a history of delivering a little early then go past term?

DS1 - 39.0
DS2 - 40.4
DD1 - 40.1
DD2 - 40.1
DD3 - 40.1

The first 4 were completely spontaneous. With #5, she wasn't as responsive as they would have liked on the NST, so they wanted to induce. Because of that, I let them strip my membranes (had never had that done before) to see if things would start that way, and it kicked me into labor (I was already have some contractions on my own anyway). So, I seem to be a 40 week gestation-er. I guess DS1 is an anomaly in my pattern :-) But it took me several babies to accept that I won't likely be having more spontaneously at 39 weeks. I just assume it will most likely be 40 - 41.

People always seem to think subsequent babies come earlier (from comments I always get), but from the (very non-scientific) data gathered here, it looks like the trend might be a bit the opposite, with later pregnancies tending to go a little longer. None of it really changes anything for any of us, but it's still interesting :-)
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