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Re: What's changing in the last 6.5 years?

Originally Posted by debdebdebby13 View Post
My DD will be 7 in June so it's been a while since we've had a baby.

What are the current trends? For example, when DD was a baby, most people started solids at 4 months, but around here the trend was to wait until at least 6 months. I read a few years ago that earlier actually was better because it caused fewer allergies (I'm not saying it's true, I don't know, just saying what I read). What is the trend now? Back to 6+ months or what?

Somebody school me on all the "baby" rules that may have changed since my DD was a baby.
My dd is almost the exact same age as yours, and all the research I did supported waiting until 6+ months (when baby can sit unassisted and no longer has a tongue thrust reflex and the gut is more mature). Because infants have an open gut, you actually increase the risk of allergies if you introduce solids too early.

I don't know what the "trends" are, but it always seemed like common sense to me that if a baby has to eat processed baby food, s/he is not ready for food. We started with whole foods--soft chunks of banana and avocado--when dd seemed physiologically ready. We never bought any commercial baby food.

The change in the allergy recommendations has to do with when you introduce ALLERGENS, not when you introduce solids. This is something I'm actually pretty up on, since dd has severe food allergies. They used to say to delay allergens, but now they say that smaller amounts introduced earlier are better than big amounts introduced later.
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