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I have a set of the BG Elemental Artist Series. $40 per diaper plus actual shipping (shipping on 1 diaper would be approx $2 (first class) and shipping for all 5 would be approx $6 ( priority) ). More info at the bottom of listing all flaws pictured and described to the best of my ability. Thanks


little hole/wear mark by the rise snap...this one is tiny maybe the size of a pin head of a strait pin. It has not grown over time
(I think it is a little wear mark from the snaps and after i was looking at them I don't think it actually goes through the laminate but not for sure) I have never had any wicking or anything.

I just noticed this tiny spot on the red one. I guess maybe it is the very beginning of a wear hole. It almost looks like a snag but I suppose thats how the start.

Here is the wear mark/hole by the rise snap on the black one. Again no wicking or leaking from it. Its been there nearly as long as I've had it. It has not grown over time.

I didn't get an pic of the inside of the blk one because I actually pulled it out of the washing machine to take a pic of it. These haven't been used a lot. I bought them for my 2 yr old when he was little but he didn't do well with them so I stashed them away and actually just started using them again a few months ago for my youngest. Even now I use these a lot less than my other diapers. They all have some staining, some of them are fairly light and others are a bit darker. I do believe that sunning them will take out the staining in the light ones and really lighten up (or probably even remove?) the darker ones. I honestly don't think I've sunned them more than once since I owned them because my lawn is super shady. Oh and also I feel that the elastic is great.
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