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Twin or Triplet mamas- not finding out gender?

With my first, a singleton, I had not problem fending of the nosy people in my life when they asked about the baby's gender. I had a very strong resolve to not find out before birth. In my heart I knew it was a boy but all the clothes and furniture was gender nuetral because that is what I wanted. I even asked the delivery team to not announce the sex at birth but instead hold the baby up so DH and I could see for ourselves. It was beautiful and magical for me to see those little boy part on my freshly birthed baby.

This time around, we are having identical twins. Starting from the time I told my family that it was twins, it is a constant bombardment of questions about gender, how soon we can find out, demanding that we must find out this time. DH is not completely decided about needing to know the gender but he is leaning towards wanting to know purely so that we don't have to discuss and decide on names for the other gender. Personally, I still don't want to know. I see a MFM high risk specialist next week for a high level ultrasound and most likely, if I really wanted to know, they could tell me with pretty good certainty what the genders are then. I also have the anatomy scan at 20 weeks, which is a little over a month after that. And most likely, I will have atleast a dozen more scans before the end of my pregnancy because of the babies being mono/di twins.

So did any multiple mamas never find out the gender before bbirth? I am considering having the tech write it and seal it in an envelope. Then I am not sure who or when to give it to to open. I really dont want to know so early, although I thinnk I may feel better about knowing after like 32 weeks or so. Was considering letting my mom and sister open the envelope as they plan the baby shower, then they can do something cute with it. Any thoughts or opinions?
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