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Re: Time to be ruthless! added photos

I'm guessing the reason your friends aren't very helpful is because they think your house looks great to them... I feel like my house has way too much stuff but everyone I know thinks it looks empty

Anyway... I actually would keep both tables since you are homeschooling. I'm no longer homeschooling but when I was I hated having to clear up all the books so we could eat lunch or not being able to get started because someone was still eating breakfast...

I also would try to consolidate all the homeschool stuff into one room. I'm assuming the book shelves are homeschool, could you put them into the dining room and move the sewing stuff somewhere else.

Can you get the toys all into one area of the living room (I don't think the slide is an eyesore at all... you have kids!)

Can't wait to see your progress (and I love the basket of Sandys... definitely keep those )
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