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Re: Tell me beautiful stories

Hugs mama, there has been nothing harder in my life than losing my babies. I'm sorry for your loss.

We lost our first baby at 12 wks, had a d&c and I was pregnant again 3 wks later, no cycle in between. He is now 10 and just fabulous.

We went on to have 3 more healthy pregnancies, boy, girl, boy. After our girl, we had the conviction to leave our family size to the Lord. So we are NTNP.

Pregnancy #6 ended in a very early mc, about 5 wks. I was pregnant again 3 months later with our 2nd sweet baby girl. She died at 16 weeks and I delivered her at almost 19 wks.

I was so scared to have another baby. I couldn't fathom going through that again. But we were blessed 3 months later. I went on to carry a healthy baby boy. It was very healing.

We are currently on our 9th pregnancy, 6 wks in. I'm still nervous as all get out, but I know I can survive anything. If we lost this precious baby, it will be heartbreaking, but we will get through it. I have the promise of seeing my babies when we meet in Heaven, what an awesome day that will be.
~Rebekah~Mother of 9, 6 of whom I have the honor of raising, 3 with Jesus..

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