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Re: Bumgenius Hook and Loop

Originally Posted by lalalion View Post
I saw someone who made her bg h&l last for years. She cut little strips of "loop" and made her own separate laundry tabs. They don't come off in the wash that way and they stay nice forever! Line drying covers will also help.

I did this with my BG 3.0 pockets and the H&L lasted really well. Velcro stayed strong and didn't curl. It cost me about $3.00 (I think) to buy the long strip of "loop" from the fabric store and then I just cut small squares to fit the velcro tabs. Every time I changed a diaper, I just took the loop off the new diaper and fastened it to the dirty diaper's tabs and threw it in the wet bag. My BG lasted 2 years before my DD potty learned and we sold our stash. I have a brand new set of 4.0s for this new baby due any day, and I plan on using the same system once he's big enough to fit his pockets.
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