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Originally Posted by Mom2Connor
So my doc today wasn't worried about this at all, but suggested minimal stimulation on them because that could trigger contractions? Even suggested wearing a bra for support 24/7... I seriously do not want to do that!! I only wear a bra outside the house, so a few hrs a day at most this time of year. Has anyone heard of that suggestion?

This kind of stinks though, maybe TMI but that's a big part of DTD for DH and I so are we just sol or do you think the dr is being overly cautious? Almost 32 wks .....

On the upside they are still super positive about a vbac and are even fine with going overdue as much as I am comfortable with. So that's something!
I would be the same way as it's a big part of dtd for us too. I have heard to avoid it but I didn't start hearing this or reading it until the end of my pg with DS so I haven't ever worried too much about it. I have also had slight leaking here and there at 16 weeks. I don't know...I haven't ever really had contractions from it so I haven't worried too much. But if my OB told me not to, I would probably try to avoid the stimulation for at least the next 5 weeks. I tend to think that some women just leak while others don't buy that is just me. And I'm not a physician, I'm an accountant. So my thoughts should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

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