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Dumb things people say...

Okay, I have done this before on here and we had a blast. Here are the more recent dumb things people have said to me...

- "Are you having another set of twins?" Then when I say no they follow up with, "Are you sure?" or "Because that would be CRAZY!" My response is usually, "Yes, I am totally positive there is only one!"

- "You are going to have your hands full!" Really? My response is usually, "You didn't think that a set of twins already made my hands full?"

- "Another girl?! Poor daddy!" If my husband is there he always says, "I LOVE my girls! Give me more Hon!" If he is not there I usually just give a similar response, "My husband loves his girls and wouldn't mind more!"

- "So you are done after this, right?" As if it is any of their business! I usually just smile and say, "We will see...".

So those are my more recent comments now that I am clearly pregnant with another...what are yours?
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