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Re: My DD has a rash no matter what I do.

Originally Posted by boysniris View Post
My son had "diaper dermatitis"

As much as you might want to only use "natural fibers" etc, your DD's skin might need that stay-dry. I found that suedecloth was better than fleece for stay-dry. Not only did my son need the stay-dry, though, he had to have a breathable fleece or wool cover. PUL always gave him a rash in that front area, and wetness from natural fibers would also make him red.

Give her only stay-dry against her skin, and only the wool, for a few days. Don't mess around with anything else, keep using whatever detergent you love. I can't tell you how frustrating it was for me to try detergent after detergent...I think that if the rest of her skin looks okay it's probably not the detergent.

Don't burn your stash yet

ETA -- > give her a break from all the creams, too. The rash needs to dry out. If you don't have her in a stay-dry liner/breathable cover, try for naked time! I would only apply an ointment IF her skin clears, to protect it, or for the long stretch at night.
Thank you. I am going to go buy some suede cloth today!
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