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Originally Posted by birdinhand
I don't know why, if you aren't already having contractions or pre-term labor, the fact that you are leaking colostrum puts you at higher risk for that? I would ask, if you are really worried, what the leaking of colostrum has to do with the potential for ptl -- I have never heard of a woman getting this request before, and I have dealt with hundreds of pregnant women and we specifically talk about leaking colostrum as a normal part of pregnancy.

If sex and breast stimulation haven't given you contractions before now, I think I would keep things the same unless something showed me we should back down; if you aren't on pelvic rest for some reason, I wouldn't be disciplined enough to leave my breasts out of the action.
I have never had a contraction. Not even BH's. I was surprised to hear it too because everyone said it was so normal...
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