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Re: How much have you spent and saved?

I've spent somewhere around 375 I think... Let's see.

70 on prefolds (econobum kit, 6 infant bummis)
35 from Alva (3 solid pockets, 1 minky, 2 wet/dry bags, 1 pail liner)
80 at diaper junction during black friday/cyber monday sales (2 freetimes, 2 FB elites, 2 diaper rite pockets, 1 bag if RnG, 2 sample size CJ's, some detergent samples).
75 at Kellys Closet (1 freetime, 1 FB elite, 1 FLO diaper sprayer).
36 at Cotton Babies (3 freetime seconds)
24 at 3 Monkeys etsy (2 pockets)
108 st 3 Monkeys custom (6 custom pockets, 12 of the best bamboo inserts ever made, 6 super soft wipes)

:/ Those numbers actually just added up to 428. I sold the 3 FB elites making back 39 after shipping and fees which brings my total back down to 389 on everything including accessories.
I also have a NB diaper (shower gift) for sale and all of the prefolds so when all that finally sells my total will be back down, but until then I guess I've spent about $390 for a great stash!
I made about 50 wipes from hospital receiving blankets so I didn't spend a dime there!

My next investment will be a couple wool covers and fitteds for night time that I will more than likely make myself. We most chose to cd for environmental and health reasons, but saving money is important to us as well. As hard as it is to resist buying all the adorable diapers out there, I do.
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