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Re: vbac after 2 C/S anyone? or am I crazy...

I don't know about your specific situation..BUT I had 2 sections and then went on to have 3 unmedicated vaginal births.

My first baby, I was pre-eclamptic and he was taken at 34 weeks via emergency csection. My second was a 34 week babe as well, and he was taken via emergency csection because the cord stopped delivering blood and we just "happened" to catch it on an ultrasound. We were expecting to deliver a sleeping babe, but he is now a wild and crazy 6 year old.

My dr knew that my family had convictions about preventing pregnancies and so he made sure that my uterine stitches were done in a way that would be safe to have more babes. So my uterine incision is horizontal instead of vertical.

I just did the research and came to realize in my particular situation a section was more dangerous then having a babe vaginally. So I fought for it, did it and all was well.
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