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fun math related activities for interested 3 YO

At DS's parent-teacher conference today, one of his teachers brought up that he seems really interested in math (and puzzles, but we knew about that one), and wondered if we had ideas for things he could do to foster that interest. Of course, aside from counting games, etc, I could think of nothing. The teachers are going to look in the older classrooms for ideas, but I thought I'd ask my wonderful DS resource, too Activity suggestions for both school and home would be great!

More info: DS is nearly 3.5, really into puzzles (does 48+ pieces on his own) and can count pretty high (30+). He's the oldest in his class (youngest will be 3 in June), but there is time during the day that he can play with things the other kids can't do. He can't, however, have anything with small pieces at school (because of state law).
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