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Re: What do you NOT like about wool?

We used to be an ONLY woolies family for years. My kids had very expensive handknit wardrobes consisting of lots of beautiful longies, sweaters, etc. and I was always knitting more for them. When baby #4 was born, #3 was having some significant behavioral problems and #2 had recently been diagnosed with a serious, life threatening health condition. The wool was just too much for me to keep up with, even though it was very loved in our household. I had some huge realizations about that the wool was taking up too much valuable time that I would rather spend with my family.

We sold off every bit of fancy yarn and our woolies stash. Seriously they are so addictive and it is easy to end up "collecting" without meaning to. They were a labor of love, but I don't miss them at all. We ended up switching to flats and prefolds and Flip covers. We had a few simple natural colored soakers we used at night, but I put my kids into regular clothing instead. Woolies are soft and cozy, and can be wonderful for sensitive skin...but I would much rather let my kids roll around in the dirt in their $5 pants from Target without stressing about that I'd have to scrub it out by hand.

You can always go the cheap route for wool, but I find that typically ends up with scratchy stuff I wouldn't want to wear myself. Really if you want to do wool and have the time for it, that is great. Just realize that it likely will cost you more than you would spend on disposables and it is more of an enviromental/health/lifestyle choice. It does have a lot more upkeep involved too. I wouldn't go back down that road even if someone gave me woolies for free (which happened and I turned them down!). Life is short and I have absolutely no desire to handwash baby poop out of wool covers and scrub dirt out of longies

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