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Re: Overnight cloth vs disposables

Originally Posted by li'l skeeter View Post
Am getting really frustrated trying to find the right combination of cloth diapers to use overnight for our VERY heavy 5 month old wetter! I would love it if he could sleep at least 7-8 hours straight, but it's difficult to encourage that when he wakes up every 3-4 hours and I have to do a cloth diaper change if I don't want him or the bed to be soaked! Any one else struggle with this? I'm tempted to use disposables at night simply because they absorb more and I can try and get him back to sleep with little interaction/no diaper change. Also, it's a bit of a process to change the overnight diaper, making sure everything is tucked in and in place! I love cloth, but my sleep is becoming more important!

Current overnight cloth set up:

GMD prefold wrapped around softbums super dry touch pod or twinkletoes overnight zorb insert...thirsties duo cover.

Have tried and failed with massive leakage (around the legs):

Softbums cover with super dry touch pod and mini pod doubler/prefold, tri-folded
GMD prefold with either softbums cover or thirsties duo cover
From what I remember from that time of my sons life it was his heaviest wetting time. I would just go do disposables until he's eating more solids and go back to your current set up. I am all in favor of more sleep over diaper preference!
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