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Different generations of the same product. Several key differences, but same concept.

I love the Elite and have several tricks up my sleeve to make it fit ANY baby. You just have to understand how it works spatially. People want to tighten the leg elastic to get a seal around the legs, but that's not at all how it works. That adjusts the rise, and is PART of how you get the fit around the legs, but you have to know how to adjust the waist elastic (in the back) and make the best use of the snaps, too. I can fit these on any baby, though, I promise! I've done it before for fed-up moms who thought these diapers "just didn't work" for their babies. Many people experience compression leaks with these because they don't let the elastic out far enough and then use waist settings properly to get the seal around the legs.

These were underwear trim on my kids! Trimmer than disposables, honestly. I truly love them.

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