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Originally Posted by FernHollow
I was thinking about this earlier - I vividly remember a total uproar on the diaper forums when BG 3.0 and BG 4.0 were released. There were mamas really upset about certain changes (they discontinued the option of fleece inners with the release of 3.0 and 4.0s made them a much bigger diaper which some mamas didn't like). Likely the complaints on DS are not representative of their overall sales. Most mamas will like the new Elemental just fine and are usually not as picky as all of us

This is a tiny corner of the market. Very tiny. And they used lots of consumer feedback in the redesign! It's completely impractical to manufacture both--that just isn't done.

Besides, diehard Elemental families have already bought their Elementals. These are for the next generation of diapering families, with improvements made based on feedback. Both generations of the product use exactly the same cotton yardage.

I don't think this could have been marketed as a Flip because it can't "flip" into hybrid or stay-dry mode. The soaker is not somehow interchangeable with a disposable or stay-dry diaper.

But you have to remember that once you make your purchase, you're a limited time customer. New users are the target market in this business--most families are only buying cloth diapers a handful of times over the course of 3-6 years. What appeals to a new user is what it makes the most sense to design, manufacture, and carry in your store.

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