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Re: Opinions on Fuzzi Bunz Onesize Elites

I love my fbos elites....

You will probably hear a lot of people say that they're difficult to stuff - so they sold them off. I don't have other pockets to compare them to and I am sure they are more difficult to stuff than other pockets. But, I have timed myself 3 times now and it only takes me 5 minutes to stuff 20 diapers. So, while they may be more difficult to stuff than other brands, they really don't take that long. 15 minutes a week. Not bad

I have stuffed a thirsties hemp insert in it, a gmd flat, and an infant prefold. So, I have found some pretty thick things that will fit in it.

They're super trim. I mean super super trim.

They fit my newborn at 2 weeks - would have fit (size wise) at birth, but they ran into her cord. So, I waited until the cord fell off and the stump dried up. This made them super economical - I just used sposies for those first 2 weeks.

I am using 2 inserts most of the time. My daughter soaks thru the small minky insert pretty quickly - but she has soaked thru a gmd flat, a prefold, and thirsties hemp insert in record time. So, I don't think it is the minky - I think she may be a super soaker.

The minky is soft, cleans great, and doesn't stain.

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