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Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
I'm 37w2d preggo with our second surprise baby. (charting does not work for us, and then our BC method failed)

With the first one, I was SO EXCITED b/c I wanted another baby really badly. DH took a few months to come around.

With this one, I was mortified. I cried when I told DH. And he was OVER THE MOON! And I took a few months to come around.

LOL. Different reactions from us both at different times.

And now we are ready to start cutting and burning to make sure this stops happening. We love love LOVE our kids, but we are looking forward to moving on to the next stage of life now.

And, TBH, I really think it could not have worked out better for us. We will have 2 boys and 2 girls! Girls are 4 yrs apart, and so are the boys. It's perfect for my stupid number-OCD mind.

Surprises are fun, after the initial shocks wears off. And don't feel guilty for having mixed emotions, it's just part of it, and you will still be a wonderful mommy.
Did you have issues your first surprise with hubby wanting you to terminate? I went over just now to see hubby, he is working in his shed, and he gave me every possible reason we can't have a baby... then told me I was being selfish and taking away from the two we have. He is really pressuring me to abort saying (and I quote) "we only have a certain amount of time to go get this done". I'm so conflicted with how I feel - I really don't want to be pressured and pushed into doing something I am very adamantly against. I'm devastated at the moment :-(
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