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Re: My Flip Daytime insert review with pics

Originally Posted by KatieGrace View Post
I've only washed mine once so far and they seem to be kinda misshapen if that makes sense? Has anyone else had this issue? I'm having a hard time folding them to get them even. Maybe I just need to wash/dry them some more...
I noticed that too, which it can be folded but makes it kind of wrinkly. Not too big of a deal to me.

Originally Posted by Micheliala View Post
I wasn't too impressed with the absorbency but now that they have been washed 8-10 times they are working well. I had gotten some leaks before this point but now seems good. I do wish they were two layers though. It would help with stability and be just a tad more absorbent. I think they make a nice day time choice. I like them way better than my Birdseye flats padfolded, much smoother and no bump anywhere. I do wish they folded down to a little wider size. If you fold them corner to corner they end up pretty narrow. I just place them in a stay dry sock inside my flips so there isn't very much pul touching skin..even after it gets wet.
Good idea about the stay dry socks! I have some and find flats a little too bulky with the stay dry sock but a Flip flat would be thin enough I think to not be too bulky. Thanks for the idea, Im going to try it for a nap diaper.
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