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Re: What is the best ai2 cover

We took Diaper Safari and Grovia covers on a flats-only trip with our slim (then) 14mo old. My DH and I both FAR preferred Grovia (admittedly, we often use them at home with snap-ins so we're more familiar with them). A few things I didn't care for about Diaper Safari:

-since they will fit a big baby well, it seemed like there was lots of extra fabric that needed to be wrapped around our guy's hips

-three snaps per side is too much when LO flips over and crawls away mid-change (though some may prefer having a hip snap to avoid wing droop; we don't get droop on our Grovia covers thanks to the in-line snap configuration)

-the back flap comes so low that poop got on it every time and the knit is not wipeable

-lots of exposed PUL

Grovia don't have flaps, but the mesh prevents the flat from shifting. The crotch is on the narrow side, which I like for my guy, but that means you need to make sure everything is fully "tucked in" if using a larger flat like Blueberry. I think if you were using a slightly smaller flat this wouldn't be an issue.
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