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Re: How much have you spent and saved?

I was keeping track of my buying and selling for a while... my total spending was around $550 after I accounted for all the money I got back from selling. I stopped keeping track because I was doing so much buying and selling... it was just too much to keep up with

Since I stopped tracking, I've probably spent $200 or so out of pocket... Now I'm trying only to buy diapers with paypal money I have from selling.

So overall I would guess I have spent around $800 or $900... I spent so much just trying stuff out to see what I liked... I've been meaning to add up how much my current stash is worth, just to see how much I could have spent if I hadn't had to go through all the trial and error to get here.

If I have another baby (unlikely but not out of the question) I would need to buy a newborn stash but would be able to use my current stash again (BG 4.0, flats, ME Sandys in Small and Large, some assorted doublers, and a few covers)
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