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Re: How long to wear soft soled shoes?

Glad I chanced on this thread as people looked at me funny everytime I talked about soft soles for as long as possible.
Since barefoot is somewhat minimalist, why can't we find cheap barefoot shoes? Cheap or expensive, it should be the proper fit to size and function that matters the most, right? I'm looking for cheap suggestions as it's not such a big deal if they don't fit right (just try another brand), or we have to buy 3 sizes within one year.
Below are a few I have found to be <$10 when on sale. Any other suggestions?
Shoeszoo leather booties
any brand water shoes (check that they are extra flexible)

I have mostly shoeszoo leather booties that my DS absolutely loves. Shoeszoo has sizes up to 6-7year olds! Hope we can go that long with that brand. DS will remove the velcro watershoes and go looking for the leather booties sometimes. Having said that though, there are times the leather booties don't work, like when it's super cold or wet. I have come to like Skidders for those occasions. My only gripe with them is that between one size and next is a big difference. Skidders will either fit really well or be like clown shoes, and DS will trip alot until he grows into it. The water shoes worked when I needed a protective toe area for when DS went on his tricycle and dragged his feet (it would have ruined his leather booties).

I did get a few pairs of soft star classic and playtime shoes in size 4 & 5 for DS but was disappointed. DS kept wanting out of them. I think they might work better in larger sizes and with an older kid as DS was actually unsteady in them (tried at 12m and 18m, he is running and climbing in all his other shoes). Will keep trying and hoping I did not waste $$ on those.
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