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Re: Favorite low cost, 5 ingredient (or less!) meals?

We just had turkey rice soup tonight......I thought it was 5 or less but realized that was the cost not ing amount. It has Brussels sprouts, bell peppers, carrots, onions, rice, left over turkey from Christmas, creme from raw milk, homemade stock and seasonings coconut oil. But really, they were all bits and pieces odds and ends, that is how most of our meals are. I don't look for last ing amount, I look for least costs yet most wholesome.
A few nights ago it was stuffed bell peppers using rice (which I used the rest in tonight's dinner) and tomato paste that was already open in fridge from another meal along with deer meat. The bell pepper left was in tonight's dinner, half the deer was used in chili for last night's dinner. Tomorrow is baked potato bar using left over chili from last night dinner. The turkey from tonight was from sweet and sour turkey over fried rice (yrs same batch of rice still being used, I make it in large quantities) a couple nights ago. So on and so on.

Rarely do I make a meal that parts of the ingredients aren't used for another meal. This allows more than 5 ing to be used, but they are stretched further for more meals and parts are already cooked to make the next meal that much faster.

Another example, tonight's leftovers (I tend to make lots extra for Hodge podge leftover lunches) will go towards tomorrow breakfast. Bread from soup with be toasted and homemade jam on it along with Hodge podge lunch from the weeks little bits of leftovers. Extra rice will go towards rice and raisin pudding, though normally used for another meal, I am using it for yummies this week and hot cocoa. Nothing like hot pudding and cocoa in a snow storm mmmmmmm.
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