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Also, this would be a lot easier if this were a normal, come over for a visit situation. But it's a bit of an odd situation to begin with. The relative is local but stays with us for days at a time. Typically three or so but occasionally as much as a week.

The smoke has been an (unspoken) issue since I first was expecting. I've dealt with severe morning sickness, and the stale unwashed smoke smell was a sure fire trigger every time. And having to be up close to that (oh my goodness, in a car, don't even get me started!), torture. Especially over the holidays when I was at my worst, and they were here for two weeks almost straight. I actually ended up in the ER the day after Christmas. Thankfully my sickness has tapered off to a very manageable level over the past month, but this still sets me off in extreme nausea. I just feel like no one has believed me or at least not taken me seriously about that problem.
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