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Re: So who actually likes the new elemental?

Originally Posted by FernHollow View Post
Hmm, now hearing that they are the same amount of cotton as the old Elementals, I bet these will be nice since for people who can handle exposed PUL. It would be very nice to be able to buy diapers once for a new baby and be done, especially with something that is very simple to use. If I was to have another baby (not very likely) and had the $, I would strongly consider buying only a 24 pack for an entire stash. I'm boring like that.

I did actually briefly consider getting a few but I just can't justify anything beyond Flips and prefolds or flats for an 18mo who may PL early. I loved the old style Elemental and I am definitely a fan of Flips, so I while I'm disappointed with certain changes I am sure they will still be great.
Is the PUL exposure the same in the new BGE and a Flip cover and insert? It would be no more or less PUL exposure in the new BGE than those that use flats and covers for example, right? Or am I totally off on this?

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