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Re: I need an idiot proof way to make yogurt.

You can definitely make yogurt out of raw milk.

Only, you have to ensure that the milk is at room temp before you add the culture. However, dont leave it out without adding the starter for too long. (like you keep it out of the fridge for more than 4h) It will go bad since it already has lactobacilli/not heated to kill them.

It goes with the theory that the starter culture microbes need warmth to propagate and ferment the milk.

So, Im thinking just lukewarm on the stovetop? In summer, you may not need to even slightly heat it. Your raw milk might ferment faster/ not need overnighting, since it is already laden with the good microbes. Actually, if I'd access to clean raw milk, I would've not heated it too.

FWIW, pasteurization is different from just boiling it at home. While yes, both of them do kill microbes, pasteurization involves high heat boiling & immediate cooling of the milk to extend its shelf life.
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