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Re: Skinny Seats? Xterra

Also, a R100 will last longer than a rxt because the head wings get in the way once the child gets taller. I just bought a R100 for my 5 year old and passed ours with head wings down to my 2.5 year old.

I had to get a 3 across in a Jetta, which has a small back seat. This is what we got to work: RFing Radian, FFing Radian, RFing Coccoro. Once my 5 year old outgrows the Radian, we are basically out of luck because I can't buckle her in a booster with 3 across...I can't get my hand in between the seats to reach the buckle.

Sooo...I would suggest keeping your 5 year old in a harness as long as possible to avoid that. A Radian or Harmony Defender 360 should work well.
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