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Ack! Need advice re 4yro and too much TV!

Okay, my son just turned 4 a few weeks ago. I've made a few huge mistakes and now I don't know how to get my parenting him back on track.

When I got pregnant last apil the whole pregnancy was a god awful 9 month mess of constant nasuea, extreme fatigue and depression. My first big mistake? I let him watch all the tv he wanted so I could be sick and miserable in peace. Now that the baby is born and 7wks old I'm starting to feel human again and capable of being a parent. But I have no idea how to wean him from the tv and my husband doesn't care really as long as he can relax in quiet after a 12+ hour work day so I've got no REAL support on this. Everytime I tell him no more TV he turns into a snobby whiny tantrum throwing monster and I'm mean. It goes on for hours. He doesn't want to color, all his toys are boring, he doesnt wanna be at home etc etc etc I do spend time with him, we read together before bed every night and he helps me cook everyday but besides that I am crazy busy with the newborn and just wish he would play with his toys!

I don't know what to do but I do know this muh TV for a kid is crazy and not okay.

My second problem is his attitude towards us as his parets and doing what he's told. We don't spank and I feel like if he's not watching the stupid tv he's constantly in timeout for chasing the dog or not doing what hes told. I try to calmly take him aside or make him hold my hand and look me in the eye while we talk but it doesn't seem to work. 5 minutes later he's doing what we told him not too again! Like using a bad word, running wild instead of using walking feet, throwing a ball in the house or even telling us no when we ask him to do something.

I feel like I've let him become a bit of a brat but besides the TV problem I don't know what I'm doing wrong. He's soooo strong willed and I'm sooo worn down still. I feel like a bad mother and my only saving grace is he behaves in public and for his preschool teachers. It's just mom and dad at home he acts like this around.

Anyone with advice?
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