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Originally Posted by 7mom7
DS1- Walked 10 months...VERY athletic and coordinated. Could throw a spiral with a mini football at 3, can dribble basketball between his legs at 5, could dribble a soccer ball while running at age 2.

DS2- Walked at 15 months...not so great on a big wheel at age 3, not super coordinated on playgrounds, not really a type of kid that seeks adventure, can bounce a ball to you but not too great at catching one. The cutest little musician you've ever seen!

I think a lot of it has to do with sounds crazy but I felt like I knew their personalities before they were even born.
Not crazy. DS1 was crazy active in the womb. Like sporadic and all over the place. It is strongly suspected he has ADHD and we are having him evaluated next week. DS2 was laid back and slept a lot. He really only got active when he heard DS1. The ultra sound tech couldn't even wake him up. Now he is pretty chill, sleeps about 13-15 hours a day and gets super wound up when Ds1 is around.
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