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Re: What do you NOT like about wool?

Originally Posted by FernHollow View Post
Life is short and I have absolutely no desire to handwash baby poop out of wool covers and scrub dirt out of longies
Yeah. That is probably the most important reason I think it might not work for me. Even as cute & fun as it can be w/ cloth, I don't want diapering my baby to become a hobby, or something that takes up a LOT of the time I could be spending w/ my family, or on other things I enjoy. I already have hobbies I love (that don't involve poop at all!) that I can actually use to MAKE money!

Aaaaand, with my budget constraints, I wouldn't be one of the people who has 237 woolies for each kid, so, realistically, I would have to wash more frequently. I also think my babies will be close together in age, so I could potentially have 2-3 in diapers at once. Yikes! The wool might last through all those kids, but I don't know if my patience would.

Thanks for all the input, y'all!
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