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Re: What do you NOT like about wool?

Originally Posted by disneylindsay View Post

You should try it, then you will know if it is for you or not. I purely tried it since my heavy wetter was leaking out of everything at night. so I got wool for a night system,along with a SBISH OBF to try and I was amazed at how it works and how much easier my life was...I may have had an extra piece of wool to care for, but I had dry sheets every morning, and pjs that could be worn for me the trade off was not bad at all!
It sounds like most of us have tried it? I have and just came to the realization that for good fitteds (which aren't even my night preference) and wool, it's more money than I want to spend (having btdt) and I really couldn't find time to wash them (the wool, I washed the fitteds, lol). They sat in the bottom of the laundry for weeks.

I do think its relative, what some view as "too much time" etc. ETA - even though something is great, it may not be for everyone. I loved our wool and cute fitteds but, meh, underwhelmed in general, so even though there's all the pros, it's still not for every family.

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