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Re: Ack! Need advice re 4yro and too much TV!

Originally Posted by SaraElise View Post
Yep, he's bored and looking for something to do. Give him specific activities to do and I think you will see a lot better behavior, it's tiring, but worth it.

As for the tv, I would cut him off cold turkey. There have been a few times my oldest gets a little too attached, and we see a bunch better attitude when it's just not around at all. After a while we let him earn a specific amount of time back for good behavior and helping with his chores around the house. But in the beginning, it's just gone.

I would set a timer, and give him some structure. "Johnny, for the next 15 minutes you may sit at the table and color. When the timer goes off, you may clean up and come to me to discuss what you would like to do next".
Whining, arguing or fit throwing is immediate grounds to go to your bed here. Our children may come out when they are happy, and ready to be "on the team" with an obedient and content heart. Anything that is whined, demanded, or commanded for is lost for the next one hour.
I would cut off TV cold turkey for at least one week.
I would then decide on one of two 30 minute intervals during the day where tv would be a help to you. I would very clear that he is watching that one show, and then we are turning it off. TV is a privilege and a poor attitude about it loses the privilege.
He will learn to amend his choices because the outcome of other choices was undesireable. He'll get it!
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