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Re: Toddler Meal Planning

Originally Posted by judyjudyjudy View Post
I have found that my toddler loves to eat things in sectioned containers - like ice-cube trays or muffin tins. She likes sorting things and having lots of options.

By the way - what are freezable Ball jars? Are these the same as the glass canning jars?
Some of the jars are freezable, some are not. On the side of the case they have a little icon that says if they are freezable. On my local store's shelves, they have the same sizes side by side, one stack is freezable, one is not.

I think most toddlers love variety and to have things sorted. I just got really tired of standing in my kitchen every day and trying to decide on the spot what variety he was going to have today. I needed to plan it out.

Anyways, I will probably post next week's menu/shopping list as well if anyone wants a second week.
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