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Dealyed speech in three year old

My son knows a handful of words, maybe about 50, and maybe 1/3 of these are clear... he is three years old. We work with him all the time and he is having issues and gets so frustrated about it. WE have an appointment with his ped on the 6th of March to discuss this. Any ideas on what it could be? We have thought maybe a very mild cause of autism (other red flags with him), language disorder, his androids or tonsils are enlarged (both my husband and myself had them removed. I had them removed at 2 for the same issues that my son is having). He can get some letters but some other letters he can not even get and when we correct him he gets so upset. Just wondering if anyone else has had issues with speech delayed and if so what was wrong, so we can bring up different things to our ped.
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