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Re: ****Winter**** Chicken Moma chat thread. Join in the chat!

Originally Posted by sarahannecloud9 View Post
Thanks everyone! We had to sell the 4-wheeler to pay for boards, though. I think we have around 80 pressure treated 2X4's in it already. Not even starting the runs yet. Ray refuses to make anything the cheaper route. Makes it impossible to get things done. He is a blessing though. I hit the jackpot. The man can do/fix/build anything on his own. Just a perfectionist, lol. I do love the man. I'm sure you all understand the feeling, all ya'll have manly men hubbys

I only manages 18, how many did Liz fit in there, hahaha?????
I'm sorry you had to sell something to do it. I hate that! Hopefully they will generate a good income for you and it's something you love so you can't go wrong there! I married the same kind of man, total opposite of my dad. My dad is a free spirited down to earth outdoor kinda guy(where I got my gardening genes I guess) but he can't do anything like that. He put in a light switch backwards. Joel can fix or make just about anything and while building isn't his strong point, if he's got instructions he can do it. He built our coop without plans, though it's certainly NOT as impressive as that! Give him kudos from us, that's gorgeous! Y'all should take pictures and make it known that he does this kind of work. He may get side jobs for this and sheds and stuff! For the eggs, I ordered the taller 8" large FRB's from so I got 30 in there. LOL! Gotta make sure she's got a good shot at it! Shipped eggs are such a gamble.

Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post
Oh and today is the day!!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait to see our chicks!!!!
Oh I can't wait for the fluffy cuteness around here! My chicks go into lockdown Sunday and by thurs. we should be seeing some peeps! I hope the silkie hatches.. I've gotten kinda attached to the little loner.
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