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Re: Ack! Need advice re 4yro and too much TV!

Originally Posted by Angel89411 View Post
Btdt. I take away tv cold turkey when I realize it's gotten out of hand. We have a rule and DS1 knows it. If you are whining/throwing a fit over tv, no more tv for a while. I do limit it now. Before school he has to be 100% ready and after school no tv unless he did good in school that day and is 100% ready for bed. Weekends get played by ear. Some days he sees no tv, some I'd rather not talk about. But I'd give him his alternate options, which typically include some chore he can help with (switching laundry from washer to dryer, putting away some dishes, putting up his laundry) or fun stuff. If he insists on whining then I just ignore it. It took a day or two when it got out of hand. But it does get better.

And I had horrid morning sickness and a lot of discomfort this last pregnancy, too. It happens. No shame in using the tv. It's survival when you are having a rough pregnancy while caring for an active preschooler.

I could have written this exactly. This is what we do also.

There are some night were I am exhausted from being up with the baby and working all day that it takes all my energy just to stay awake. DH works nights so it is just me after school, and the older kids get more TV/computer time.

The first few times were rough but now they have learned that TV is a privileged activity and 9 times out of 10 they have to "earn" TV time.

At least for us--during the winter they watch more TV. It has been too cold for me to take the baby out (newborn). I am sooo ready for warmer weather. and so are my kids.
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