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I have 'late' walkers. Dd1 at 18mos, dd2 at 18.5mos. Dd1 was a teeny tiny thing, not even on the growth charts. Dd2 was massive, born over the growth charts and stayed there until 3yo. Dd1 is a perfectionist, never attempting anything until she's confident she will succeed. Dd2, i feel, was worried of falling b/c of her height lol. They both just stood up one day and walked like pros. No toddler waddle, no falls, just perfect.

Now at 8 dd1 is a klutz-just like her mama! Dd2 (5)is very coordinated, catches on to gross motor activities very quickly, but doesnt have the desire to play group sports. If it involves more then sissy, mom, dad, and friends she is not! interested.
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