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Re: ****Winter**** Chicken Moma chat thread. Join in the chat!

Another one of the young roosters crowed this am, the one we were thinking about keeping. Hiliarious! He crows just like a silkie roo, flapping his wings and sounding like he's gobbling. LOL!

Erin I have Picasa on my computer and I sync them to their online web album hosting. I was doing Flickr, but got annoyed with their limitations. I looked at the dorkings, they're supposed to be really good dual purpose birds but they seemed really pricey to me. I will be getting buckeyes for my dp I think. For incubators, I couldn't afford to blow several hundred dollars on a good one either I built mine from a foam food grade shipping box. I have a friend that did weight watchers and that's what they sent her food in. I've been told that pet stores with fish or reptiles may have them that they'd sell you too. Here's the thread I used, I spend just under $30 to make mine. If I wanted, I could probably fit around 3.5-4 dozen eggs in it. Mine is the one with pink plaid tape. I have changed it just a little since then, put hardware cloth sleeve around the light because I didn't want the chicks to touch it when they hatch and I put actual hardware cloth on the floor.
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