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Re: Happy Basic Friday

I got a dozen free range fresh eggs from one of my teacher friends

It is cold today, the heat is hard to regulate in this library

All books unpacked, now to get them shelved over lunch.

Janine my sister has what she calls "the family closet" she actually had them convert one of her bedrooms into a huge closet that actually has room and for her washer and dryer too. So wash, dry and hang up or put on a shelf all of the clothes. Everyone has a set of open shelves and bins for folding type clothes and then there is one area for all the hanging/dress clothes. Everyone used to dress and undress in there too. They are older(16/12/8) now so now they go in, pick out there clothes, and get ready in their rooms. At night everyone gets jammies on and all the dirties are dumped in the laundry sorter in the closet. Works great and there is never a clothes bomb mess in the kids rooms.
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