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Fix em or retire em?

Hi all!
Newer to DS, and soon to be first time CD mama. I received a bunch of cloth diaper prefolds that have gone through two families with two kiddos each, so needless to say they have seen better days. I am one for using things if I can, they needed an oxi-clean soak and a bleach wash to get some well water stains out and look much better, but some of them do have some decent sized holes (sides and middle panel) that range from pea size to lemon size. I was thinking the ones that aren't too bad I may be able to add a panel to the center to cover larger holes and maybe sew around the border of the smaller holes to keep them from fraying more. Is this just insane to put that much work into them? Will they just get worse? Will adding fabric take away from their absorbancy? I could use some sage info from all you long time CD'er mamas! My second idea is to turn the really thrashed ones into nursing pads with receiving blankets as the top and bottom fabric with the prefold between. Anyone done that before? Thanks in advance.
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