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Re: Toddler Meal Planning

Monday: Lunch - pinto beans, cheese, tortillas, cherry tomatoes (Breakfast will be Chobani yogurt and a banana)
Tuesday: Lunch - spiral pasta with tomato cheese sauce, steamed broccoli, strawberries (Breakfast will be scrambled eggs and toast)
Wednesday: Lunch - Toast with sunflower seed butter, banana, Chobani greek yogurt (Breakfast will be scrambled eggs and toast)
Thursday: Lunch - pinto beans, avocado, scrambled egg, steamed broccoli, strawberries (Breakfast will be Chobani yogurt and a banana)
Friday: Lunch - turkey, cheese, tomatoes, strawberries (Breakfast will be scrambled eggs and toast)
Saturday: Lunch - spiral pasta with tomato cheese sauce, cherry tomatoes (Breakfast will be Chobani yogurt and a banana)
Sunday: Lunch - odds and ends (We make a big family breakfast on Sundays, not included in shopping list below)

Snacks every day with be either a small blueberry muffin or cottage cheese with a spoonful of jam

To make:
* Crockpot pinto beans (1 lb dried pinto beans, onion, water to cover)
* Tomato cheese sauce (heat two cups milk, stir in 1 cup finely shredded cheese, add either two tbsp tomato paste or a half cup tomato sauce)
* Steam broccoli (I do a couple bunches of broccoli and then stir into pasta when heating up to heat through. It gets a little soggy but DS likes it like that)
* Blueberry muffins

* The rest of the pinto beans will be refried and then put into the remaining tortillas with cheese and frozen for DH emergency breakfasts/lunches
* Tomato cheese sauce recipe tends to make approx six toddler meals. Divide into three portions. One to use this week, two others to freeze

Shopping List:
1 lb Pinto beans (I buy in bulk so I have these all the time, may forget to include in future shopping lists)
1 block organic cheese (Still have more than half leftover from last week)
1 package flour tortillas (this week they will all be used to stockpile freezer with leftover beans/cheese)
2 bunches organic broccoli
1 loaf organic oat bread
1 jar Sunflower seed butter (I have leftover from last week, will probably last all month or more)
1 lb spiral pasta (this is intended for a few weeks, actual amount TBD)
3 bananas
5 Chobani greek yogurts (one for lunch, three for breakfasts, one extra for DH if he wants one)
1 carton of organic eggs
1 package organic cherry tomatoes
1 package organic strawberries
1 organic avocado
1 jar tomato paste
1 carton organic cottage cheese
1 package blueberries (for muffins)

ETA: I should add that we keep oranges, apples, and whatever fruit is in season available. I didn't include those because they are either thrown in with snack, or eaten with dinner or breakfast. It's not formally planned. I was thrown off looking at my list just now, where were all the fruits and veggies? But they are around, just sort of extras.
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