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Re: What About the Sentimental & Keepsake Stuff?

When I went through my cards, I ripped off the fronts and my kids send them as postcards to family / friends throughout the year. They're at the mostly just drawing stage, so it's perfect because it already says happy b-day/thank you, etc.

I also have a personal tote, and I second going through it every so often because you'll be willing to part with more. It's ironic - but I think it is JUST like our kids that don't play with toys until suddenly when we put them in the "giveaway" bin. We have stuff that we didn't even know we had until OH MY GOODNESS I NEED TO KEEP THIS 30 year old piece of paper I didn't give a crap about until right now when I re-found it. Ha!

As for children's clothes - I currently have 2 totes full of stuff my kiddos have outgrown, but I will make quilts for their children out of their baby clothes, so I figure they are ok to keep for the next 20+ years!
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