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Sticky Peas fitteds

WHOOPS! Top row, two on the right are available!!! Newborn fitteds $8ppd each or $15 for both

Sticky Peas fitteds, these are awesome! PM me for specifics on each. A couple have small bleach spots on the soaker, bottom side of soakers are kind of red (possibly from our water before we got an iron breaker???), a couple have worn spots on the outside fabric around the legs and all have holes from pinning. Despite the obvious use, they are going STRONG! Elastic very springy except the watermelon one is strange. Springy in the back like previous mama only put in a partial replacement. It functions just as well as the others though. I'm so sad this WAHM doesn't make these anymore because they rock!

$40ppd for all 4 or $11.50ppd each
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