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Agree with all of the previous posts. But what about setting up some playdates with other kids his age, so he isn't so bored? My almost 5 yo son says he's bored a lot as well, and he has a brother to play with while I deal with my youngest baby. I find that trying to stay positive, and taking specific time to sit with just him and play (trying to do this with each kiddo a few times a week after Dh gets home) helps us out. I think a kid that old having a baby take his attention away feels the effects more than one younger, kwim? More structure to a tv-less day helps too. I am home all week with my guys, they have preschool in the am some days of the week, when I try to get my stuff done with just the baby around. They come home, eat lunch and then I try to do something fun and interactive each afternoon. Try to say yes more when he asks you to do stuff with him. We don't watch tv most days at all, but Dh let's them a lot when he is home while I work on the weekends despite me not liking it unless youre homeschooling think next fall he will be in kindergarten, this is the last time you get to spend most of your days with him.
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