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Re: Early walker poll

Originally Posted by Kimmyann View Post
Not really. My son walked confidently at 10 months and was running shortly thereafter. Personally, I think walking early has more to do with the childs weight and the abilitly to carry their own weight. My guy was a lightweight at 10 months old.
Yup. I mean, obviously my son is also incredibly intelligent, not to mention the world's most athletic 13 month old (we have a baby gymnastics pit happening in our living room most nights)... but he is also not even close to being on the weight chart for his age.
First steps at 7.5 months, and I have a video of him walking between hubby and I (about 7 steps from one to the other) that was made 5 days after he turned 8 months. It was lots of fun, but he also weighed only 13-14 pounds at the time. So it's not like he had a lot to carry.

Regarding personality, I do think that has something to do with things too. If I had to pick a word for my kid it would be "undaunted." I mean, if he's hungry or wants mama, yeah he gets upset. But if he wants to do something then he will try with all his might and seemingly never get discouraged. And if he can get a chair or table to budge just an inch then he will spend the next 20 minutes trying to move it across the room. He also has no concept of the word No, he just laughs if I say it, so that's fun.

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