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Originally Posted by UVASahm
I wasn't sure if this belonged in parenting or here so I decided here. Feel free to move if needed. I have an early walker. Walked at around 10 months and is a very confident walker at 12 months.

My question is, if you had an early walker/climber, a physically advanced kid, are they athletic? I really want my little guy to be athletic. I was a d1 athlete, but my husband is soooooo not athletic. I'm just curious if my son will take after me or my husband.
My oldest is only 7 so it could change I guess but here is my experience. I have one early ish walker and 2 late walkers. My oldest walked at 10 months and confidently as 12 months and she is far from athletic. She can barely climb a fence and well let's just say she isn't going to be a track star anytime soon. DS started walking right at 18 months and YDD started walking at 18 months and now at almost 20 months she still does not walk confidently and she falls down a lot. However YDD and DS are both amazing climbers.
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