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Re: Blech. I need some advice regarding appropriate consequences

Chores together and no one gets to do anything else until they both complete the chore together. no meals, no sleeping, no friends and fun.

writing. writing out sentences or copying the dictionary. they have to look up words about friendship and love.

at this point if there is only one thing to take away, the loss of privilege isnt working. i also doint think punishing for a long time like a month is effective for kids this age. they need immediate consequences.

post the family rules about how to treat one another. refer to the rule they broke and then give them an immediate consequence.

"Katie, you hit sister. Hitting is not allowed in this household (pointing to the rule chart). You will write out 25 times "Hitting is not allowed at my home" and you will not get up and do anything else until this is complete"

I wouldnt even let them get up to go pee. They better write fast and hold it Yes, I am mean.
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