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Re: Early walker poll

My oldest walked just after his first birthday, so not early, not late. He is not athletic at all but he has some motor problems stemming from SPD and growth hormone deficiency. He is quite good at Taekwondo but he isn't a stellar athlete and probably never will be. He is very musical though.

My youngest was climbing at probably 7 months and walking at 8months. He was full out running by 9 months. We put skates on him at 3 and you can't stop him now. I don't know that I would necessarily call him athletic as we are not a particularly athletic family (we don't do football, soccer, baseball or any of that) but he is a phenomenal skater and he gets better by the day. It is like skates were what was missing from his feet all of his life. He has always had very defined muscles and a strong core plus impeccable balance. He can pick up new skills just by watching other people doing them. So he is very comfortable on his feet and in his skates and well on his way to being a roller derby player which I guess is a type of athlete. His goal is to get Men's Roller Derby to the Olympics. He is very determined at it, it is unfortunate he won't be allowed to compete with his team for another 11 years (have to be 18 for insurance reasons). They all love him though and he is very lucky to have some of the greatest guys in the MRDA training him.

For those who mentioned weight, Tharen was my heavy baby. He was 8lbs 9ozs at birth and well over 25lbs at 8months. I would have to look through my records to be sure as he may have been closer to 30lbs, I know he slimmed down after he started walking. He was just a tank of a baby. Kearnan was barely 17lbs at 1 year and FTT at 2 because he hadn't made 22lbs. I think most of it is determination and balance. Kearnan has to be sure he will be good at something before he does it. If there is even a chance he could mess up or "look stupid" he won't even try. He spent a lot of time pulling up and cruising before walking because he wanted to know he had the skill down before trying it for real. Tharen just powered through it, he didn't care if he fell he was just going to get right back up and try it again, and again and again. HE was like that with skating too. He fell over and over but he just kept getting up. There is no stopping him when he decides he wants something he is going to get it. He was only on his second day in skates when he decided he could jump in them and he has not looked back. Almost 4 years later and Kearnan still skates like a little old man.
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